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Friday 17th August 2018
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Cubic Zirconia jewellery

CZ stands for Cubic Zirconia and it is one of the rarest mineral available in nature. The cubic zirconia jewellery is similar in nature and has characteristics of a real diamond and that is why it is used in processing Chatham Diamonds. If both the materials are kept near to each other, it is very difficult to distinguish between the two materials. Only with help of microscope one can find out which is a real diamond or the cubic zirconia diamond.

There are however several differences between cubic zirconia jewellery and diamonds. The major differences being between cubic zirconia jewellery and the real diamonds are its hardness, specific gravity and the refractive index properties. The minor differences between both these forms are its cutting edges and the flawless properties.

Cubic zirconia jewellery is fairly cheap to purchase and they are cheap to maintain.
Cubic zirconia jewellery looks very nice and is used in earrings, bangles, pendants, rings etc. If you do not know much about jewels then you can easily confuse cubic zirconia jewellery for diamond jewellery. If you do not know what to look for it is impossible to tell the difference between cubic zirconia jewellery and diamond jewellery.

For any special occasion you can be prepared by giving your partner a stunning gift like cubic zirconia jewellery and you know that the recipient will appreciate your gift. Silver Attitude offers a wide and varied selection of cubic zirconia jewellery.

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